#SheDoes Día de los Muertos for the Unhoused (October 27th)

Día de los Muertos

#SheDoes Warriors,
This year for the “Day of the Dead”, Cory and Michael, who always pay tribute to those passed, offered a plot of land – Altar Space #24 – at the Forever Cemetery to #SheDoes. We will use this plot to set up alters to honor and celebrate our unhoused friends who died on our streets. If you have had a family member, loved one or friend who passed away on our streets, please send us a photo of them and we would love to have them remembered at the Hollywood Cemetery Did de los Muertos festival on Saturday, October 27th this year. Please email us at [email protected] to coordinate how to send us photos. We welcome photos of our unhoused friends lost in LA as well as anywhere else.

You must buy tickets to attend this event through Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Link for tickets: https://www.ladayofthedead.com


Saturday, October 27th, 2017: NOON until MIDNIGHT

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Altar #24
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

General Admission: $25 per person
Children 8 years and under and Seniors 65 and over free until 4pm


Go green! Take public transportation if feasible.
Go to Google Maps and type in your designation address, click “get directions”, then hit the public transit button. Not taking public transit and would like to carpool to the meeting location? Feel free to coordinate rides on this page.

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#SheDoes March Across Los Angeles For Yes On 10 (October 20th)

March Across Los Angeles for Yes on 10


LA is fast becoming unaffordable for us working class Angelenos and impossible to survive in for those raising kids. Big companies like Essex, Equity and Avalonbay might be able to pour millions to beat prop 10 but we can mobilize every Angeleno to Vote Yes on 10 and repeal Costa Hawkins. Join us from Burlington Unidos where a slumlord is trying to evict 192 families by giving them 40% increases to march through the neighborhoods of Koreatown and Mid Wilshire which we once affordable to march past Beverly Hills, to stop at UCLA to round up Bruins and to end in Santa Monica on October 20th.

We are trailing in the polls and it’s time Angelenos rose up to save California from the greedy slumlords who are destroying minority communities and pushing homelessness to the point of no return.

Join us from Burlington, or on the way on Wilshire from Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, UCLA.

WE CAN DO THIS! YES ON 10! #Yeson10

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#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil in support of Bridge Housing in Sherman Oaks (October 2nd)

On Thursday at a Homelessness forum, certain residents of Sherman Oaks berated councilmember David Ryu and other service staff that they wouldn’t allow a shelter in their neighborhood. At a time when we are in a full blown homelessness crisis, at a time where housing is increasingly becoming unaffordable, we all have to sacrifice. And that includes Sherman Oaks, Venice, Koreatown and every other neighborhood in Los Angeles. We will hold a Candlelight vigil in support of a Bridge Housing Facility in Sherman Oaks as well as to remind the people of Sherman Oaks that housed or not the people on our streets still have rights!

Join us at 8.00pm on the corner of Sepulveda and Ventura on Tuesday the 2nd of October. Please bring a candle with you.

Thank you,
The #SheDoes Movement

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#SheDoes Me Too Panel Series- Homelessness (October 1st)

Join us and bring a friend to our first panel in a 6- panel series in the lead up to our Me Too survivors March on November 10, 2018.

This Monday we will be discussing Me too and our homeless community.

The #MeToo movement has put the spotlight on the sexual assault and harassment towards women, and it has made all of us want to fight harder against it and hear the stories of everyone, but especially of those whose voices still aren’t heard – our homeless women.The difference between the women that participate in the #MeToo movement and the women that are homeless is that when they speak, no one really listens. These women are already in the margins of society, and in the margins of our minds. So the very least we can do is see and acknowledge their reality! It’s time for a change. Because she does deserve shelter and protection and she does deserves to be heard and seen just like the rest of us that have come out to tell our me too stories.

We have a great lineup of hardworking activists who dedicate their lives to helping our homeless communities. Please join us tonight.


Mel Tillekeratne
Founder, #SheDOES and The Shower of Hope
Website: http://theshowerofhope.org

Mel Directs Monday Night Mission and The Shower of Hope. Monday Night Mission has served food to our homeless brothers and sisters on Skid Row for many years, and The Shower of Hope brings mobile showers to the homeless at multiple locations across Los Angeles County. Mel recently started the #SheDoes Movement to expand shelter facilities for homeless women in Los Angeles.


1. Claudia Perez
Founder, LA on Cloud9
website: https://www.laoncloud9.org

Claudia’s commitment to helping people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty comes from a deeply personal journey. Having herself experienced homelessness and drug addiction, Claudia knows first hand what it feels like to reach the bottom levels of despair, almost losing her children to social services.

Claudia founded LA on Cloud9 in 2012, from the core belief that every single person is worthy of dignity, respect, and another chance. LA on Cloud9 is a group of volunteers who gather on a weekly basis to deliver basic necessities such as clothing, toiletries, sleeping mats, and more, to people experiencing homelessness in encampments throughout the city.

2. Emily Uyeda Kantrim
Program Coordinator, Safe Parking LA
Website: https://www.safeparkingla.org

Kantrim is the program coordinator for Safe Parking LA, creating and managing programs that harness underutilized parking lots around the city to address the needs of Angelenos who are experiencing homelessness and sleeping in their vehicles at night.

She serves on the Board of Directors of the Mid City West Community Council in an executive capacity, and administers a volunteer-led homeless coalition of neighbors and service providers in the Midtown region of Los Angeles, whose years of street outreach and advocacy culminated in the official creation of a Midtown Hub in SPA 4 by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

3. Louise Mbella “Sinai” (Frenchy)
Community Organizer.
Think Tank Advisor on Homelessness Solutions & Social Advancement.
Downtown Women’s Action Coalition
Website: http://skidrowhomelessness.blogspot.com

A Dynamic Speaker on Social Advancement Louise Mbella “Sinai” (Frenchy) is an active and Savvy Consultant Advocate for Homeless Rights, Women Rights, Social Justice & Human Rights in Downtown Los Angeles Skidrow & Beyond.

A native of Créteil-France and immigrant in Los Angeles. Her Lived Experience as she overcame the struggle of Homelessness, Oppression and Trauma is Unique, Vivid and Compelling.

See you tonight!

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#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil for the 3 Homeless Men Murdered This Week (September 21st)

This past Sunday the 16th, there were 3 people who were viciously beaten by a single attacker wielding a baseball bat on the streets of Downtown LA by Flower & Wilshire. Sadly two of those men who were in critical condition succumbed to their injuries today. Also today a man was discovered beaten to death under the Santa Monica Pier. Police now believe these attacks might be that of a serial killer targeting the homeless and suspect this might also be connected to 2 previous attacks earlier in the year in Santa Monica.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 21st of September, we will be holding a candlelight vigil at 8.30pm on the Santa Monica Pier for the 3 souls we lost this week. We are a city with thousands sleeping unprotected on our streets. We must stop the obstruction of new Housing and Bridge Housing being built which allows our homeless neighbors a safe and dignified place to sleep! We are also using this vigil to call on Angelenos to stop the obstruction and delay and join us in building a better Los Angeles for all!

Please advise those you know who are homeless to avoid sleeping in dark hidden places. All these victims were sleeping in hidden places outside of public view when they were attacked.

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#SheDoes Eviction Defense for Robert and Maria Rodriguez at Burlington (September 19th)


Lisa Ehrlich has vindictively decided to carry out the eviction of Robert and Maria Rodriguez, an elderly couple at Burlington that was one of the three families to lose their eviction cases several months ago. Lisa Ehrlich is pursuing this eviction even after the tenants have decided to pay rent for September.

The Rodriguez’ have until Wednesday to leave, and nowhere to go. So we’re going to do our best to defend them.

Wednesday morning is the earliest the sheriff can come to actually complete the eviction. We’re going to turn out for a show of force that morning to send a clear message to Lisa Ehrlich, Mitch O’Farrell, and all the powerful people who are actively working to profit off of harming vulnerable tenants. Join us Wednesday morning for a powerful demonstration.

But the sheriff may not come that morning, or even the next. So we’re also going to be setting up a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM in order to rally at a moment’s notice to protect Robert and Maria.

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/7HupUq3AvTaEBIAj2

We understand nobody will be able to confirm 100% that they’ll be available when we send out that emergency text and email. We also understand that not everyone will be able to risk arrest. That’s ok! Please sign up if you have any interest in being involved in this effort — we figure that if we can amass as many contacts as possible, we may be able to rally a critical mass and stop the eviction when it happens.

FOR QUESTIONS: message VyBe on Facebook or email [email protected]

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#SheDoes Stand Up For Our Unhoused Neighbors in San Pedro (September 10th)

#SheDoes Warriors!

This morning there was a protest against the proposed new shelter at 515 North Beacon Street in San Pedro. At a time where homelessness is at crisis levels with thousands sleeping in vehicles and countless homeless women being exposed to violence on our streets, we can’t afford to have solutions to homelessness delayed. We will be holding a candlelight vigil in support of all those who are unhoused and desperately seeking shelter.

We ask you to join us this Monday the 10th of September at 7.30pm in front of the Rite Aid at 501 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731. Please join us to be a voice for our unhoused brothers and sisters who are struggling through poverty in San Pedro.

Thank you!

Link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1778116458924132/?ti=cl

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#SheDoes Vigil for Joe (August 31st)

On August 20th, Joseph Reyes, a homeless member of the Koreatown community, passed away from a heart attack. Join us for a vigil honoring Joe’s life and promoting compassionate policies for our homeless neighbors. You are welcome to bring signs, flowers, candles, and a picture of your favorite cat.

Koreatown residents and friends from across the city will join Shelter for All Koreatown to honor the life and death of Joseph Reyes, 56, a homeless member of the Koreatown community who passed away of a heart attack on August 20th.

The end of Joe’s life was made more difficult by a series of unfortunate circumstances. After 11 years in the same Koreatown apartment, the sale of his building led to Joe’s eviction. On July 12, Joe’s campsite was swept by LAPD officers who threw away all of his belongings, including his heart medication. On August 14, Joe and others in his encampment were forced to move for an LAPD Olympic Booster Association event honoring new LAPD Chief Michel Moore at the Oxford Palace Hotel.

“Joe meant a lot to us. We were always excited to see him and his cat Jessabel during outreach, and Joe was looking forward to moving into the bridge home shelter being built at Wilshire and Hoover” said Mike Dickerson, a Shelter for All Koreatown volunteer who met Joe shortly before the end of his life.

Vigil participants will gather from 8PM to 10PM on Friday at Wilshire-Vermont Plaza. At 8:45 PM, several speakers from the Koreatown community will be honoring Joe’s life and discussing why his story has resonated with so many people across the city.

Shelter for All Koreatown volunteer Christine Johnson said, “I got to know Joe over the course of our outreach this summer while I was pregnant in my third trimester. Even though he’d lost almost all of his own belongings in a sanitation sweep weeks before, when I had my baby he sent a present of baby clothing he’d chosen especially for her. Our family was incredibly moved.”

Please view this interview with Joe two weeks before he died: youtu.be/EdkSJterTXg

About Shelter for All Koreatown
Shelter for All Koreatown is an organization of Koreatown neighbors and stakeholders advocating for compassionate solutions on affordable housing and homelessness and connecting with our homeless neighbors through direct outreach.

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