#SheDoes Housing- Homelessness Town Hall & Resources (June 30th)

LA is facing a serious housing & homelessness crisis, learn from LA’s experts and advocates what is being done to fight against the social ills that are displacing families and affecting our communities. From luxury developments that are driving rents out of control to record number of homelessness. You will hear and meet community and civic organizations that are leading the efforts in addressing and finding solutions to LA’s top priority.

• Come meet and hear from housing and homeless organizations.
• Learn how you can get involved.
• Free event everyone is welcomed.


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#SheDoes Koreatown Tent Protest (May 26th)

#SheDoes Koreatown Tent Protest

#SheDoes Warriors,

It was apparent from today’s City Hall meeting that some people in Koreatown are against helping their homeless neighbors. We need to make sure this new Crisis Shelter in Koreatown gets established as the first in a series of Crisis Shelters established across the City of LA to bring in not only our mothers, grandmas, sisters & daughters off the streets but our fathers & brothers too. We are facing a homeless crisis and while building Permanent Supportive Housing is crucial, it takes time and time is something the people on our streets, especially our women don’t have.

To show support, we are erecting tents on Vermont and Wilshire (3183 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005) to show what Koreatown would look like in 2020 if this issue isn’t addressed now. We NEED you this Saturday, May 26th from 5.00pm till 7.00pm. Bring everyone and a tent if you can. What is at stake is not just this shelter, what is at stake is whether we as Angelenos see homeless people as human beings or as trash we can just push away into someone else’s neighborhood.

We need you there because #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection!

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#SheDoes at City Council for the proposed Koreatown Shelter (May 22nd)

#SheDoes Warriors
The City Council will hear arguments regarding the proposed Koreatown Shelter at City Council chambers at 8.30am this Tuesday, May 22nd. We NEED you to be there in support of the new shelter for Koreatown. Establishing the first shelter in Koreatown is vital for the expansion of shelters in all districts of LA.

Why? Because #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection!

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$9.9 billion Los Angeles city budget approved with $450 million for homeless services

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#SheDoes Warriors!

Thank you for your Hard Work & Courage!

The Budget for the next fiscal year was approved with $30 Million appropriated towards expanding LA’s current shelter system. We got here by screaming #SheDoes! We will get all these shelters open if we keep on screaming #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection! The day is coming soon where there will be shelter for anyone who needs it in Los Angeles.

Thank you for being you!

#SheDoes at Yes to Koreatown Shelter (May 19th)

According to the 2017 Homeless Count, there are over 1,500 homeless people in Council District 10 and over 400 in Koreatown. The proposed temporary homeless shelter in Koreatown is a small part of a larger city-wide plan to address the homelessness crisis. Show your support for homelessness solutions in Koreatown at this peaceful rally.
Like last week (May 12) and the week before (May 5), there will be an opposing group of 200 or more protesting against the homeless shelter. Despite the clashing opinions, please be civil and respectful at all times. Any hostility and violence will not be tolerated.

We support:
– The proposed shelter at 682 S. Vermont Ave here in Koreatown.
– Efforts by the city to build similar shelters in the other 14 council districts.
– More opportunities for public discussion of the shelter, including community forums and government hearings.
– The neighborhood of Koreatown, which we believe is an amazing community that will be improved by more services to help our homeless neighbors.

We DO NOT support:
– Misinformation – Learn the facts about the proposed temporary homeless shelter: http://herbwesson.com/…/temporary-homeless-housing-facility/
– Personal attacks – Please focus discussion on the issues, not the the person making the argument. We invite a good faith, issues driven discussion, and encourage others to do the same.

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#SheDoes at The County Of LA Budget Hearing (May 15th)

#SheDoes Warriors
This coming Tuesday, May 15th at 11.00am the County Board of Supervisors will be discussing allocations towards combating Homelessness for the 2018/2019 budget. We need you to be there and speak for our homeless women on the streets of LA. The County is considering allocating an additional $37 million towards emergency shelters thank to YOU and we need to be there on Tuesday to speak directly to our County Supervisors on how important it is that they do!

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#SheDoes Silent Vigil in Koreatown (May 14th)

#SheDoes Silent Vigil on May 14th in Koreatown

Posted by Mel Tillekeratne on Friday, May 11, 2018

On February 25th we held a candlelight vigil for Addie who died on the boundary of Koreatown from hypothermia. We promised that we would do whatever possible to avoid another death like hers. Now there is a lot of opposition for the Bridge Housing project planned in Koreatown due to misinformation. We are holding a silent vigil on the corner of Wilshire and Vermont. We understand the the hurt caused by the lack of outreach to the community and we want to listen to your concerns. We also want you to understand that we must protect our homeless community and make sure they’re voices are not silenced.

We will be there in silence and hold a candle for women like Addie who died without shelter and for the hundreds who will die if this shelter is opposed.

We welcome all our #SheDoes Warriors and everyone else to join understanding that this will be a completely silent & non-violent vigil.

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