#SheDoes Warriors at the City of LA Budget Meeting (April 27th)

#SheDoes Warriors!
This Friday, the 27th of April at 1.00pm, the City Council of LA will be considering Mayor Garcetti’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year starting June 1st.

WE NEED YOU THERE to demand that of the proposed 15 shelters in the budget:

1. City Council supports to establish a shelter in all 15 districts
2. City Council designates six of those shelters exclusively for women
3. And that five of the six shelters be designated as “Need Focused Shelters” for the following needs:

(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Women over 62
(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Working women
(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Women with kids
(x2) Shelters; exclusively for Domestic Violence victims

We NEED you to come and speak for the homeless women of LA!

#SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection!

Join us on April 27th:  View Event

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