#SheDoes at Yes to Koreatown Shelter (May 19th)

According to the 2017 Homeless Count, there are over 1,500 homeless people in Council District 10 and over 400 in Koreatown. The proposed temporary homeless shelter in Koreatown is a small part of a larger city-wide plan to address the homelessness crisis. Show your support for homelessness solutions in Koreatown at this peaceful rally.
Like last week (May 12) and the week before (May 5), there will be an opposing group of 200 or more protesting against the homeless shelter. Despite the clashing opinions, please be civil and respectful at all times. Any hostility and violence will not be tolerated.

We support:
– The proposed shelter at 682 S. Vermont Ave here in Koreatown.
– Efforts by the city to build similar shelters in the other 14 council districts.
– More opportunities for public discussion of the shelter, including community forums and government hearings.
– The neighborhood of Koreatown, which we believe is an amazing community that will be improved by more services to help our homeless neighbors.

We DO NOT support:
– Misinformation – Learn the facts about the proposed temporary homeless shelter: http://herbwesson.com/…/temporary-homeless-housing-facility/
– Personal attacks – Please focus discussion on the issues, not the the person making the argument. We invite a good faith, issues driven discussion, and encourage others to do the same.

Join us on May 19th: View Event

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