#SheDoes Koreatown Tent Protest (May 26th)

#SheDoes Koreatown Tent Protest

#SheDoes Warriors,

It was apparent from today’s City Hall meeting that some people in Koreatown are against helping their homeless neighbors. We need to make sure this new Crisis Shelter in Koreatown gets established as the first in a series of Crisis Shelters established across the City of LA to bring in not only our mothers, grandmas, sisters & daughters off the streets but our fathers & brothers too. We are facing a homeless crisis and while building Permanent Supportive Housing is crucial, it takes time and time is something the people on our streets, especially our women don’t have.

To show support, we are erecting tents on Vermont and Wilshire (3183 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005) to show what Koreatown would look like in 2020 if this issue isn’t addressed now. We NEED you this Saturday, May 26th from 5.00pm till 7.00pm. Bring everyone and a tent if you can. What is at stake is not just this shelter, what is at stake is whether we as Angelenos see homeless people as human beings or as trash we can just push away into someone else’s neighborhood.

We need you there because #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection!

Join us on May 26th: View event

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