#SheDoes Burlington Rent Strike Tent Protest (July 20th)

Burlington Rent Strike Tent Protest – join us for setting up a tent-city (“Ehrlich Town”) and a press conference with the Burlington tenants, who are waging the biggest rent strike in recent LA history.

There will be a series of speakers starting at 8:00pm until 10:00pm. These speakers will include the tenants themselves, Elena Popp (the tenants’ attorney), representatives from LATU and #SheDoes, and a variety of local community leaders.

The Burlington Tenants, facing a mass eviction by their landlord who is giving them rent increases of 25% to 40% on top of a 10% rent increase last year, are fighting back. 85 tenants of the 192 total units, with the help of the Eviction Defense Network and LA Tenants Union are on a rent strike since they received notices of an increase in February. Unless we help them win, over a 100 women and 50 children will be displaced.

We are asking you to join them this Friday, July 20th, from 6.00pm till midnight at 143 South Burlington Ave, LA CA 90057 to pitch a tent on Burlington Ave and show their landlord as well as Los Angeles what will happen to all these families if we don’t help them fight back.

#SheDoes was formed to help homeless women. To truly help, we need to help women from becoming homeless in the first place. #SheDoes Deserve Protection from Mass Evictions

Join us on July 20th : View Event

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