#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil for the 3 Homeless Men Murdered This Week (September 21st)

This past Sunday the 16th, there were 3 people who were viciously beaten by a single attacker wielding a baseball bat on the streets of Downtown LA by Flower & Wilshire. Sadly two of those men who were in critical condition succumbed to their injuries today. Also today a man was discovered beaten to death under the Santa Monica Pier. Police now believe these attacks might be that of a serial killer targeting the homeless and suspect this might also be connected to 2 previous attacks earlier in the year in Santa Monica.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 21st of September, we will be holding a candlelight vigil at 8.30pm on the Santa Monica Pier for the 3 souls we lost this week. We are a city with thousands sleeping unprotected on our streets. We must stop the obstruction of new Housing and Bridge Housing being built which allows our homeless neighbors a safe and dignified place to sleep! We are also using this vigil to call on Angelenos to stop the obstruction and delay and join us in building a better Los Angeles for all!

Please advise those you know who are homeless to avoid sleeping in dark hidden places. All these victims were sleeping in hidden places outside of public view when they were attacked.

Join us on September 21st: View Event

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