#SheDoes March Across Los Angeles For Yes On 10 (October 20th)

March Across Los Angeles for Yes on 10


LA is fast becoming unaffordable for us working class Angelenos and impossible to survive in for those raising kids. Big companies like Essex, Equity and Avalonbay might be able to pour millions to beat prop 10 but we can mobilize every Angeleno to Vote Yes on 10 and repeal Costa Hawkins. Join us from Burlington Unidos where a slumlord is trying to evict 192 families by giving them 40% increases to march through the neighborhoods of Koreatown and Mid Wilshire which we once affordable to march past Beverly Hills, to stop at UCLA to round up Bruins and to end in Santa Monica on October 20th.

We are trailing in the polls and it’s time Angelenos rose up to save California from the greedy slumlords who are destroying minority communities and pushing homelessness to the point of no return.

Join us from Burlington, or on the way on Wilshire from Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, UCLA.

WE CAN DO THIS! YES ON 10! #Yeson10

Join us on October 20th: View Event

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