#SheDoes Campout by LA City Hall for our Homeless Women (April 14-15th)

#SheDoes Warriors! We will be camping out on the sidewalk outside LA City Hall (200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) on Saturday night, April 14th from 7.00pm until 6.00am Sunday morning April 15th. We will be camping out in solidarity with the thousands of homeless women who are forced to sleep outside due to the severe lack of shelters in Los Angeles.

We are demanding that Mayor Garcetti and the City Council of LA appropriate $20 million in the discretionary budget towards sheltering 1000 women by August 2018. We must have this action as the City budget will be voted on Friday, April 20th, 2018. We are also demanding that the Mayor and City Council promise to take immediate action to secure a minimum of 8 separate location to accommodate shelters for 1000 women.

We welcome all citizens of Los Angeles to join us in this action of justice towards securing the shelter and protection of our homeless women of Los Angeles! #SheDoes – #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection.

Join us on April 14-15th: View Event

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